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  • What is PredictLeads and who does your data benefit?

    We provide structured data on companies that is indicative of their performance. This is used by VC's and PE companies to track company growth or for tracking portfolio companies.

    • Sales Enablement platforms use the data to enrich company insights and sales triggers for their clients.
    • Job boards use jobs data to increase their listings.
    • Sales and Marketing Teams use the data to identify leads faster and have a reason for reaching out to their prospects.
  • Do you have historical data?


    • News Events since 2015 but we can identify historical data past that
    • Job Openings since 2017
    • Technologies since 2016
    • Business Connections since 2017
    • Website Evolution since 2020
  • What are your accuracy rates?
    • News Events are above 98%. For News Events we also provide a confidence score so you can increase the threshold which will increase the accuracy.
    • Job Openings are above 99,98%. From 1000 jobs we find approximately 1 or 2 jobs that are wrong.
    • Technologies are all correct and 100%
    • Key Customers is above 98%
    • Website Evolution is above 98%
  • Do you follow news outlets?

    We crawl some 28 million websites and also detect RSS feeds. So besides blog posts we also automatically get articles from news outlets. We also follow a few hundred News Outlets listed and verified by hand eg. TechCrunch, PR NewsWire, Mashable, VentureBeat ... which we check every 6 minutes.

  • How can your data be accessed?

    We have 3 options accessing our data:

    • Flat Files (we export the flat file eg. on a monthly/weekly basis in JSON format onto your AWS bucket)
    • API (you ping our endpoints with domain names)
    • Webhooks (we push the data we find eg. jobs, news events onto your webhook in real time)
  • What are your sources?

    Publicly available data from company websites, including news outlets.

  • What technologies do you track?

    The list of technologies that we track can be found here.

    Please find the technology categories here.

    We also have parent technology categories that are defined here.

  • Do you cover small businesses?

    Yes we cover any company size. Including new companies since we also track startups.

  • Do you cover non-english sites?

    Yes, our coverage is best for websites with a version of their website in English but we do have modifications for French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Danish etc.

  • Is your crawling ethical and polite?

    Yes, we only crawl publicly available data, never go behind gated content and respect robots.txt file.

  • Where can I find your API docs?

    You can find our API documentation here: https://docs.predictleads.com

  • What is your refresh rate?

    Ranges from 6 minutes to a maximum of one month. It depends on how often a website publishes new content. The more frequently our crawlers find new content the more frequently we’ll crawl them. This is the same for Job Openings and other datapoints.

  • How do you ensure accurate results?

    We have quality analysts who review results daily and make sure everything is working.

  • What is your match/coverage rate?

    Our coverage is best for companies that have a version of their website in English language however we also have modifications for: German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch and others.

    We are tracking over 27 million domains globally

    • Jobs data on 1 million companies
    • News Events data on 950,000 companies
    • Technologies data on 10 million companies
    • Key Customers data on 8 million companies
    • Website Evolution data on 9 million companies
  • Do you also have firmographic data?

    No, there are many other firmographic stat providers and we can only provide company location data. Most companies use multiple sources of data to achieve the best results.

  • What other datasets are you developing?
    • Team data
    • GitHub data
    • Startup platform post - finding startups that are launching their products for the first time
  • What are the pricing options?

    Pricing starts at $6k/y per dataset. Pricing depends on how many companies you want to track, the number of datasets you subscribe to and frequency of updates. The more datasets you subscribe to the more affordable each dataset gets.

  • How does your News API compare with those of other providers?

    Our News Events produce very granular results by structuring our data into 28 different categories:

    Because of higher granularity we're able to deduplicate events better.

    Focused on providing news that matters and not all PR marketing material so achieve more relevant signals.

  • Are you GDPR Compliant?

    Yes, we abide by the rules laid down by GDPR for processing and collecting information and don’t collect any personal data. We only crawl publicly available data that is not PII and we don’t go behind gated content and respect robots txt.