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Data Use Cases

We structure billions of information pieces so you don't have to.

How it works

1. Content Acquisition

We crawl millions of different sources every day, news sites blogs, career pages, case studies and more ...

2. Content Categorization

Using classification models we categorize useful content and identify meaningful texts.

3. Information Extraction

Proprietary models extract various entities (organizations, divisions, products, financing types) and relationships between them.

4. Entity Resolution

Organization entities are linked to unique domain names for further enrichment.

5. Normalize & Deduplicate

Entities are normalized with a set of rule-based approaches and then sent to the deduplication system.

6. Quality Assurance

Multiple data analysts monitor and verify data on a daily basis to ensure the data is of highest quality.

Identify market opportunities

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Track Company Activity

Be alerted on important events and understand their history.

Identify Growing Companies

By tracking signals like Hiring Intent, Location Expansions, New Customers Signed, Website Evolution, GitHub activity and more ...

Understand Supply Chain Relationships

Understand who your prospects are working with, receive alerts when customers sign new clients and map network health of target companies.

Sales Enablement Platforms

Tech Data Company Job Tech Technology Job Opening Category Company Size Technologies Company Location Lead

Extend Lead Search Functionality

Add Hiring Intent data to your Lead Search functionality and enable your customers to target prospects in buy mode for their solution.

Email Personalization

Increase Email Personalization

Integrate sales triggers into your outreach emails and help sales reps increase conversion rates by 25% or more.

Improve Lead Scoring

Have 20,000 companies you want to target?
Use PredictLeads signals to score and identify the top 300 most likely to buy now.

Investment companies

Identify Startups that added Fortune 500 clients in the past month and are located in the UK.

Identify Startups using specific keywords on their website that are actively hiring for Sales.

Identify Startups being accepted into accelerators worldwide, launching products on Hacker News, expanding to new locations and more ...