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" Using PredictLeads data our sales development team is able to prequalify leads 3 times faster. The number of appointments we are setting every week is up significantly.
Martin weiss bizxpand
Martin Weiss
Sales Principal at BizXpand
" We've run personalized campaigns based off of PredictLead's job opening and product launch signals. Working with their API is a breeze, and the support from the team has been incredible!
Alex millet segment
Alex Millet
Product Manager at Segment

Identify potential customers

Create super-targeted sales campaigns or prioritize prospects based on hiring & technologies intelligence.

Example: Companies hiring for support roles are in the market for customer support software.

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Job Opening Titles
Account Executive Customer Success Manager Data Analyst Product Designer HR Coordinator Software Engineer
Job Opening Keywords
Data Science Product Marketing Continuous delivery Python Customer Experience Facebook Ads NodeJS
Technology installs
Oracle ERP Salesforce CRM AutoCAD Adobe Creative Suite Marketo Tableau SAP G Suite Microsoft Dynamics
  New partnership announced 1 hour ago.
  New job opening posted 3 hours ago.
  New product launched 12 hours ago.
  New executive hired yesterday.
  New customer signed 1 day ago.

Gain Company Insights

Does lead or customer research take too much time? PredictLeads Insights include recent news, job openings, technologies installed, new partnerships, product launches & more.

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Improve Prediction models

Granularity of PredictLeads data enables our customers to build better predictive models to identify net-new accounts or calculate lead scores.

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1.  {
2.    "company_name": "Github",
3.    "domain": "",
4.    "events": {
5.      "count": 127,
6.      "product_launch": {
7.        "product_name": "Atom-IDE",
8.        "category": "developer_tools"
9.      },
10.     "job_opening": {
11.       "job_title": "Account Manager",
12.       "last_seen_at": "2017-10-30T08:47:30Z",
13.       "location": "Sydney, Australia",
14.       "tags": ["upsell", "negotiating"]
15.     }
16.     "partnership": {
17.       "company_name": "DigitalOcean",
18.       "domain": ""
19.     }
20.   }
21. }

Why PredictLeads

PredictLeads continuously scans millions of websites, news sources, blogs, career sites & about pages and obtains relevant content. Proprietary machine learning systems extract organizations, persons, locations, products, job titles and distill relationships among them. In-house data analysts verify the data daily.

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Hiring Intent
Technology Installs
Customers & Partners
Leadership changes
Product launches

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